(For High Efficiency Dust & Fume Control)                           
This unit is particularly useful for scrubbing fine submicronic particulate matter. It includes wet-dry junctions and a variable throat operation can be manual or automatic as required. The unit can handle recycle streams of thick and viscous slurries containing up to 15% solids.

In operation, liquor is introduced via a multiple distributor pipe system. These special pipes are arranged to provide complete coverage of the throat and washing of the walls by the liquor. The dirty gas and liquor converge at the throat entrance where extreme agitation and turbulence atomizes the liquor and mixes it intimately with the gas. The dust/fume particles are captured by direct impingement and the droplets are further agglomerated and removed in the mist eliminator section.

High energy venture scrubbers can be constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel, specialty alloys or plastics. Units are available with capacities ranging from 600-200,000 cfm (17-56664 m3/min.). The pressure drop range is 6-100 in. WC (152-2540mm WC).

Typical Applications
  • Exhaust gas cleaning in: Metallurgical plant basic oxygen, metal melting, and sintering furnaces, cupolas, palletizing and kilns.
  • Municipal incinerators.
  • Pulp and paper mill lime sludge kilns, and black liquor recovery boilers.
  • Chemical process plants.
  • Non-ferrous metallurgical plants.
  • Electric arc furnace, Induction furnace.
  • Calciners, roasters, dryers.
  • Boiler flue gas.
  • Foundries.
  • Crushing, Grinding, Screening.


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